The Rise of Lazy A

by Butterball

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This was all recorded when I was in college about five years before I finally released it. It took so long because I simply forgot about it.


released November 2, 2015

Quiara's voice was used on two of these tracks. My brother, known on here as DJ Waldo helped with two tracks as well.
The album artwork was drawn by my friend Richy Polo



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Butterball Florida

Mc Butterball is some loser from DeFuniak Springs who got a wild hair up his ass one day in his early twenties and believed he could make a rap album.

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Track Name: Intro-venous
Laid back with a glass in my hand,
in demand hear the plan while my stereo is bumping
Hypnotized by the spirits and gin, I found a scoundrel within,
and the partys still jumping.
Make it last, liquor blasted trashed and, I gotta ask if I can, do you know?
Moving fast like I'm dancing, prancing. Every other way, every day, it's a freak show.
Coming home from the grind do you has that?
Coming back to my mind like a flash back.
Recognize, it's cool like the rat pack. Living on the fast track but will I get the last laugh?
There I go, here I come once again. Eyes wide open, until the very end.
Here I am my man, let the show begin. This is a party for the people and all of my friends.
Let the party in and let your demons out. If you're afraid of danger, well then you can go without.
We only get, we only get one try and it won't be any fun if all you do is survive.
Growing cold as the fire, it dies. It's all coming back up, well that's not a surprise.
On the couch because your knees are weak. You tried to conquer slopes that were far too steep.....
and now you're falling asleep.
Track Name: Hold Up ft. Waldo
DJ Waldo:
Good morning everybody, it's a pleasure to meet you and you're welcome because it's a pleasure to meet us too.
I can't stay for long though, no, I've got a plane to fly and still I'm here for another hour and I need to kill that time.
Now, buckle your seat belts and get ready for a ride. No lie, you can't deny and you can't match this pilots stride. oh my,
get ready to blast off yaw, no, we're taking off. I tried to take a deep breath but I got a bad cough.
Sorry, and please excuse me I've been taking some medicine and it's starting to making me loopy.
Call me the red baron but I'm just a little goofy and if you're a little scared, don't worry because you should be.
We're the greatest rappers evers, in our home town
"WHAT" now on the by and by "SOUTH SIDE" you can catch us around.
Pound by pound you can't handle the sound that we're producing.
Get used to it and sip on some juices. Get used to it because we come in terrible twoses.

"HOLD UP" you know me man, I'm doing it well and I'm doing it right.
"HOLD UP" you asking me how i'm doing this every single night.
"HOLD UP" Hit me up dawg, oh wait, here comes my flight.
"HOLD UP" I must be transparent. I'm out of sight.

We're drastic, spastic. Got a question axe it. Plastic, antics, we're instantly a classic.
You know nobody sounds like us. Take my word, you're envious. Good until the last hit we're utterly fantastic.
Our heads are on the ceiling and our feet are on the roof. And our sound is that appealing and our words they burn like hundred proof.
The truth is hard to handle, like a vandal watch me paint the mix with lyrical style, free and wild. Sit on trial, just for kicks.
Hear what I want to say and watch me spray on the mic what I want to spit. Trip with the lip I'm tat for tit. Crank the volume up a bit.
Tit for tat is how it goes, know the facts and the case is closed.
Living and forgiving it's a given on the path I chose.
I froze, I pose, I'm fresh like brand new clothes. I'm slick as shit, and it shows, only the nose knows.
And it knows that we're the best. Listen close and I'll tell you what if you do not agree with me, this is our chance to show you up.

Track Name: Another Son, Rise
Tripping on sunlight. I got scars upon my head and a glass bottle filled with fire, now there's nothing left. Empty promises, brought upon us is the truth. (what you say, man?) now do you need the proof?
We're wasting days as long as we pray for rain. We're in a daze we only can get a taste,
of water trickling down, all around us we misbehave. All that we've sought after? Tears and laughter and an early grave.
Make a true witness, see what's in this. Take a few minutes and a quickness.
I don't know if we could ever understand. Standing by our plans we're making demands.
You can't deny what we've been through. We knew the answers all along.
Live this life right because believe me, it won't take long.
I got to say I hope that you will stay as we're basking in the beams of a brighter day.

Another sunrise. Behind closed eyes. Another day, time to wake up and play. Another son, Rise up.

back again in this thing, here it comes. I'm gaining strength from the brightness of the sun.
Here's a chance to take it in and let it out. Get it out of the way. Here comes another play. I thought I heard my momma say to keep it all in. Try not to sin. Find the strength within yourself, it helps in finding happiness and health.
My wealth is not made up of money and gems. True wealth is your family and all of your friends. Here's a tip if your clueless and you're listening. All that metal is worthless even if it's glistening.
Naw, I aint telling no lies. Who needs gold when it's raining from the sky? Surprise,
All you need has already been provided. Yet our nation still stands divided.
Can you feel that bass? It's all over the place.
I got to say I hope that you will stay as we're basking in the beams of a brighter day.

Track Name: Cigarette Burns
Answer the calling and listen. Hopelessly falling and wishing. Sputtering, stalling my mission. Bringing my dreams to fruition. Intuition, split decision, fostered vision, burning out. Is our life like a rail road track? Are we stuck upon a single route?
What's it all about? Are we stuck within a vicious cycle? Round and around in a circle, clapping our hands like disciples. Praying hard, hope is gone. Bloody, scarred we've just begun. The end will come for everyone as surely as the setting sun.
So go ahead, try to run. Gain some ground with every mile. Wait another second. Would that second be worth the while?
The memory, the proper style. Marching forth in single file. No paper to cheat off of. Walking blind into a lifelong trial.
Multiple choice, true or false. Closing doors, moving walls. Take the time, learn to crawl.
Have I made the right decisions? Who even knows? Our hearts still thrive and grow although we're living life like we're in slow mo.

Never ready for the worst. Sure enough.
Life is fast and it hurts. It's all a part of growing up.
Take a hit. Live and learn. They are only cigarette burns.
Raise your head. You got to hold it up.

Cigarette burns that's all they are. Searching for answers. Lost and found. Precious moments fed to flame. Let it all burn straight to the ground.
The ashes left are deep within. Know that the fire only burns until you put it out.
and now the hardest part is over. Left only with a scar. The scar will fade as time goes by, no matter who you are.
So don't you count stars and make a wish. Focus on where you're at.
No sense left in wasting time dwelling in the past.
Listen to the sounds of another day because you never can tell which way the wind blows. A life will age just like the seasons. Lost so easy in the snow.
Raise your head up with strength and conviction. No more hoping or wishing of better states and conditions.
Now you can make a choice. Stand up tall. Clear your blurry sight. One life is all you get in this world so try to live it right.

Everything we hold dear is held close internal, eternally. Helpless, hoping til finally when the final moment draws near. No one knows but we're bound to be proud and free until destiny fails to breathe.
The things in life that make us whole and the things that we can't forget. I say we love it but it's gone too quick, just like a cigarette burned out.
And now the ashes scatter. All that's left behind is pain. Memories end and fade too fast, held precious all the same no doubt.

Track Name: My Only Voice
Make the beat drop, take it to the top. Hug the rhythm close, the melody goes pop.
All that I can say, I'm pressing play. Listen or don't because I'm saying it anyway.

My memories of a day gone past. A moment that I'll make my own.
Another chance and another day. What can I say? I've found my home...
in the songs I hear. Don't stop, press play. Listen to it anyway.
Yesterday has come and gone and all that's left is another song.
Do I belong in this world I live? No one knows what the answer is.
Take and give. Give and take. I know that all of us make mistakes.
The choice we make, wait and see. It's not our fate, it's destiny.
Tell me, please where to go from here. I'm on my knees but have no fear.
I'm feeling vibes from all around. Making sense of sound and sight.
Take the brunt. Stand my ground. Flap my arms. I'm taking flight.
To those of you who know me here's a verse from me to you.
Never thought I'd be a rapper? Hell, it surprised me too.
Courage comes real easy when your talent comes out naturally.
I want what's mine, not your pity. I know my voice is not that pretty.
Music is a choice and it comes to those who choose it.
This is my only voice and I'm not afraid to use it.


Hear my flow in the now and after. Swing from the rafters hold the laughter. Moving faster, here and later. All I need is a pen and some paper.
Grip my phaser, set to kill. Line up the sights, fire at will. You can't believe how I'm teasing, pleasing. Never need a reason, squeezing...
triggers, go and figure. Started out small but I'm growing bigger. Don't shiver because I'm cold, cool, and bold or so I've been told.
The phones on hold. That is right. Bright as day and dark as night.
Walk to the light it's black and white. Blowing up the track like I'm dynamite.
Full of surprises. I'll prove that I am the wisest. Avoid the imminent crisis. The brightest light is always the tightest.
Fight if you can. Never give in to their demands. Won't bury my head in sand. I'll spread my sound throughout the land.
Hear my plan. This song is a planted seed. Anthems and creeds, in your mind they'll start to breed.
Ears will bleed. Hearts will throb. If you don't like it, go and sob.
Proudly, no other choice I'm shouting my only voice.
Track Name: Record Spin
Blast it. past it. i'm instantly a classic. those of you who know no better do it if it's drastic.
I'm crunchier than vlasic. listen close i'll tell you what. Want to try and find me? I'm drunk, plump, and buzzcut.
Peach fuzz. Tobacco or bud as I'm drinking alcohol but does it run in my blood? I say yes, no, maybe. I am more than a family tradition, superstition, competition of the century now
"TAKE IT DOWN" another notch now
"RAISE IT UP" back to the top.
I will pop if you lock. taking answers from a clock. running stop signs on the block. roll then I will rock. hear the plop plop fizz fizz. like it or not well here I is. no vanity, or sanity it's clear to see I am a wizz.
Hear the call, that is sounded by all. I am running on the ceiling. I am bouncing off the wall.
Side to side, to and fro. tit for tat. shoes and toes. now no one knows. now
"TAKE IT DOWN" another notch now
"RAISE IT UP" back to the top as the
"BASS BOOMS LOUD" savor the sound when the
"CHORUS HITS" now move your feet to this.

Hop, bounce, and wiggle. Jump, twist again. As the record spins.
Hop, bounce, and wiggle. Move, groove and dance. As the record spins.

Hop into this stadium your cranium cracks like an egg as we beg for the last track. flash back. hazmat dangerous. lazy and generous. here's an answer to the question. Are we down to the best of us now?
bow to the crown, or be found in the ground. as we study the sound. located scattered around. invaded the space. inflated the place. so we can all save face. make haste as we
"TAKE IT DOWN" another notch now
"RAISE IT UP" back to the top
to the end of the line. watch it bend. watch it wind. here's that answer one more time. It is all within your mind. now watch me find a clue. that no one knew was in the open. Here's to wishing and hoping and no more bitching and moping.
Now you can listen to it ring like a phone on a hook. Maybe answer the call and solve it all with a look. One way or the other.
My sisters and brothers and even your mothers tell each and every friend and your lovers that you should
"TAKE IT DOWN" another notch now
"RAISE IT UP" back to the top as the
"BASS BOOMS LOUD" savor the sound when the
"CHORUS HITS" now move your feet to this.

Track Name: Stay in Motion ft. Quiara
Times change over and over. We're on top and still getting closer.
Slow down like tides of the ocean but don't stop. Life stays in Motion, now

Thinking about the past got me running in place. When the flag goes down it's time to race. Bow in grace it's my own revelation. Nose to the grindstone, no hesitation.
Feeling misplaced and I missed the call. I've seen a better place if I can recall. I got my back to the wall so I reminisce to the days when I thrived on faith and bliss.
I got tears in my eyes. Don't you laugh because life aint easy and that's a fact. The truth hits harder than a heart attack but the world keeps rolling like a cadillac.
There I sat, in the back of the class as I wait for the day to break free. It's never too late. From Walton High all the way to Maude Saunders. Life in school couldn't be any longer.
Thinking back now, it wasn't long enough. As it turns out, I only thought it was rough. No job to keep, no bills to pay. I didn't know it then but I really had it made.
Yo, those were the days and I really know it now. All I really had to do was to be the class clown. I used to frown when I did my homework but now it's 9 to 5 until my back hurts.
I can't go back those days are gone. The world still spins and everybody moves on.
Just to think that all along I didn't see the bigger picture. Never stop and let it getcha. Work is getting richer quicker. Here's a whisper.
Take it slow. There's no rush. Take the time to grow and keep your head up. Stop the commotion. You'll be fine if you stay in motion.


Back on the block. Put it in place. Reality is heavier than bass. Without a trace I'll leave this world even if I have all the diamonds and pearls.
Youth is a weapon running and stepping into sin. It's a temptation. The constellations are in the sky. See them at night. Think about them in the day. It's a gray, dark, cold, and hard life we live. Looking for the answers. Tell me, what gives.
It's a privilege if you're on this earth. It may not sound like much but for what it's worth, even if it hurts hold your head up strong. Everyone has somewhere they belong.
Choices are made. No going back. Live with the outcome because that is that. Let go of the past, it will hold you down. You got to move on, moving all around. It's a sound that I hear when I'm standing in here. I know that it get's scary, have no fear.
Fear is an illness eating away at your heart and courage. Edges will fray. Pray if it helps. Spend your time and your wealth on a well or a top shelf. Look at yourself.
You're better than you think. Can't you see? You've got control of your own destiny. You know the difference in right and wrong. If your life sucks then the fault is your own. Here's a tip.
Take it slow. There's no rush. Take the time to grow and keep your head up. Stop the commotion. You'll be fine if you just stay in motion.


Time's change over and over. I can't go back and I'm still growing older. The infinite wonder. The weight of my memories. Closer and closer, the life that is there for me.
Can I learn how to read between the lines. Listen close, I can see that life is like tides of the ocean. Life stays in motion now.
Track Name: Florida Heat
Here I am in the sun. I got my shoes and my shades on. One for all and all for one. As beggars we choose as the daylight fades.
Gone are the days and the hours and the minutes. As I'm looking at the sun I can see myself within it. The limits are broken. Get it spoken out loud with a passion. Flashing what it's all about.
Any other route is a little bit risky and a moment of doubt can last for eternity. You and me we got to wait and see. Every breath that I breathe is a clue that I'm home bound.
Is it true? After all I've been through? View it from sunrise all the way to sundown. Don't frown. Don't clown. Don't take it too serious. Forged by the heat until I'm delirious

I gotta stop and listen as I'm moving to the beat. In the sun and the sand with the Florida heat.

Sitting on the bench? Naw, I'm swinging for the fences. Hiding from the sun I'm in the shade and I'm defenseless. Getting restless. Moving to the beat. In past and present tenses crazy from the heatwave.
It's a sweepstakes. Aiming for the sweet spot. Oh, for pete sakes it's a wasteland and hot spot. In the crock pot, boiled alive. Crank the volume up I'm adding bacon and chives.
Take a moment to decide go outside, it's a gamble. My brain is cooking like an egg, you know I like them scrambled.
Rambling. Title bout. Shipping up and shipping small amounts like an ounce. Are you man or mouse? I got a bound in my leap. A step in my spring. There is air in the love. Yeah, you know what I mean.
Here's an answer, all of the above. Except for A and B and C. I think I've had enough of this.
Go and make a wish. We're going tit for tat. Forsaking all the breaking and shaking and all the taking crap. Go and clap, it's a trap. In fact, wheres the proof? All aloof in the air and It's everywhere. I dare you to find, a mental image of the mind. Doing well and doing time. Climbing high to read the signs.
Reading light. Blindness. Semper Fi your highness. The heat can drive you mad. You know that's how I came to write this.


Furious, Curious and on the chopping block by the passing of the clock. It's a life of hard knocks. Better stop, if you're going too fast. Nothing ever lasts in the present of the past. Do the math.
It's a gas if you focus on what matters. It doesn't mean your happy just because your pocket's fatter. Remember when you were a kid and the treasures in your life were the things that you did with your time?
Are you hearing what I say? Are you doing what you can to make the best of everyday? Is it true that you're wasting all your time? Look into the sky. That energy's divine.
Can you find what it means? Are your dreams bearing fruit? Nothing lasts forever, including your youth. Better hustle if you want to make the grade. In the sun and the sand. You know I've got it made.
Fiction, action, the opposite reaction. Factions causing friction. Blitzing on a mission. Did I fail to mention positive intentions? If you're tense jump the fence. Looking for attention?
There's a chance if you're looking for a path. Open up your eyes and your heart. Take a bath in these rays of light. You have all that you need. There is gold raining from the sky with the Florida heat.

Track Name: As the Day Goes By
Wait, no mistake. take a break. it's the final call.
Burned by the weight of they day. just forget it all.
Night falls, we raise the stakes. and yet we wonder why.
we're waiting for the chance to release as the day goes by.

The sky turns black and the moon comes up and yet the day has just begun. If you're feeling down then have a good time. Raise a glass in the air. push back the sun.
you know it's right and you know it's true. sun and stress how much can we take? running from the light doing what we do. I'm in distress so I start to shake.
It's time for the good. No time for the bad. no time to think. lose control. because I hear a voice telling me to unwind. raise my spirits. soothe my soul.
Thinking about the way I live. ALL NIGHT. Living life in the moment, feeling ALRIGHT.
there's no worries here for me. Take a quick look and you will see. part of this life is about not knowing. so, I keep flowing constantly.
Take a look. Hear a sound. If you feel the groove, then pass it around. Rhythm and bottom, you know we got em. on top of our head is a shiny crown.
We're bound to win and we just can't lose. moving to the beat. sipping on booze.
two brews. yes, pick and choose. raise the roof and your glasses too.
Me and you, we gotta keep it up. bartender please, gotta fill my cup. let it all out from deep within and god help us all when the night begins.


Elbows and knees they are shaking. drinking to leave our minds vacant. clueless about where we're going. showing no signs of slowing down.
round after round. shot tossed after shot. we got the remedy with the melody catching felonies with the hits.
This bliss drips with wishes. go to sleep with the fishes. now we're done like the dishes and this is how we will finish the race.
in case, we haven't torn down the place and left the pieces on the floor there shattered just like a vase.
you know it's hard to be angry when you're feeling so loose. the restraints of the day fall off along with the noose. tell me,
how does it feel to leave your worries behind?
SO GOOD, within your mind. SO RIGHT, and now you'll find out how to
banish your troubles. along with the stress. and if you take a tip from me then you will truly feel blessed.
to you I confess, along with the rest. invest with the fortune inside of yourself. there's more to life than money and wealth. drink from the shelf, start making the best of it.

Track Name: Night to Dawn ft. Quiara
Some would say that it's a curse but first I'll call it a blessing. I it's right or wrong I got a song to answer every question. If it's petty if it's major if it's clouded in the past. Make a bet, I'll make a wager because the future is coming fast.
All our mothers. All our fathers. Breaking backs and making dollars. Is it worth it? Should we bother? If you hear me then just holler. Running short and getting taller. Flash some cash and pop your collar? If it's cold I'll make it hotter like some hot sauce on some collards.
I'm not known to take it farther than the woods within my reach. On the farm yard with some trees because they got plenty more to teach. I didn't grow up on the street. I grew up with my family though. I knew what was important and I learned to mind my own.
No successor to the throne. I'll blaze a path and find a seat. Even fire cannot burn me, I've been forged by Florida's heat. I may have an empty wallet but I'm caught up on the rent. And I know I'm dumb and ugly, yet I'm sexy and intelligent.
I won't relent in the words I spit. I won't shit where I tread. Words are floating in my head and if I want, they will be said. Always speak only the truth. Speak my mind, keep it together. Even if you are not listening my words will ring forever.
Keeping all my friends close by. Hold the haters at arms length. Staying true to my own vision. It's my mission. It's my strength. So,
If you want, have a taste. You'll lose your place in a losing race. I take the time to hone my writing. I'm sipping on wine not squishing grapes. Hear it?

From night to dawn. Is there more to it than this.
We're moving on and rolling with the punches.
Just let it go. Take time to ride the beat.
Because no one knows.

Up and down the town. Take a step and make a sound. If you want to skirt disaster hustle faster for the crown. My head is in the clouds and my hands are in the sky. If you want to be astounded I'll take you for a ride.
It's a drive if you strive. Shake my hand, give me no jive. Move the car from side to side. If you can, arrive alive.
Learning to connect the dots. Time to go and time to stop. Here I come ready or not. Bossin, flossin, hot to trot. Always today, hear the new wave bumping around the block. Silly word play is my forte. Trample sample flop.
An example, if you need one take a chance and hear me out. I didn't want to be a rerun so I took another route. I may not have the clout to make it big or make it far but I will enjoy the music because that's what I made it for.
I do not know the score because the points mean not a thing. In the words I find a meaning, gleaming from the joy they bring.
Bring the product of a dream. Moving through the night. We're letting loose some steam. Because it seems that if we animate, help out our fellow mate. One hand is reaching out to help you and the other is on my safe.
Being cautious is my choice and I know just how it looks. I'm not a coward, not a crook. I took the time to read my books. I only want what I can earn. Instead of money, earn respect. Because anything that's worth it will be paid by blood or sweat.

Track Name: Young Nights ft. Waldo
It's a rhythm it's a feeling. vibes that touch the ceiling. If you know the game then play it right it's time to start revealing why you
gotta love the night. why we're basking in the moon. why were feeling never better. the night is coming soon.
If you're ever looking up as the sun is going down don't get caught up in a rut because there's plenty to go around.
Moving with the sound I'm playing pound for pound. Searching and rehearsing. Funky, fiending lost and found it's a
blast, a clash. A feeling that never lasts. If you choose to disagree then shut your mouth. cut the sass.
being cynical is pitiful. you'll never see the beautiful. I take a break to educate. Never choose to play the fool.
another state, investigate. bite the hook and take the bait. I contemplate another fate worth the time and worth the wait.
Take a taste, it's all the rage. I close the book and turn the page. everyday I'm working again for minimum wage.
Take it back. never last. take a bath and the sink. Life on edge, on the brink. take a chance and start to think.
I'm living in the dark. Every moment it passes faster. turn around and hit the ground. I know I'm already plastered.
But does it matter? Moving faster like a master. right on time and left in tatters. hear the noise and cut the chatter.
because I know just how it feels to have some fun real late at night. Cause the party's never over until you see the morning light.

Young nights, every day. Don't let the morning break us.
Feels right, when I say throw back another shot.
Keep up and stand your ground. No sense in stopping now.
Young nights, every day. Because it's all we got.

Yo, the party never stops and i'll make your body rock. now hear my loudmouth style move the speakers out the box.
Hold up a second and repeat that again. I can't hear when I'm sipping on the tonic and gin. but,
it's not my fault that my hearing is selective. I like to keep my head clear, calm, and connected. but,
when we show up in the club the ladies show us love. I'm toying with the haters making the push come to shove. so,
I'm going out tonight and painting the whole town red. And we're not gonna stop until every party is dead.
because me and butterball have got the sickest of sounds. so, go ahead and start dancing when you hear the breakdown.

Here I am, back again. You know i'm funky as sin. How's the track so fat when I'm staying so thin?
1, 2, 3, 4, got the ladies on the floor shaking their ass. Leave the fellows begging for more.
It's only twelve o clock and the party's nowhere near over. Red light, green light. Red balloons and green clovers. I'm the
number one contender. No, i'm not a contender but I'll knock you out and leave you dead. left this beat up in your head like,
du du, du du, du, du du, du, du duuuuuuuu.

Track Name: Flow-tation Device
A shout. a whisper. a shot in the dark. heart to heart, we never miss the mark. but we play the part and we play the tune. Hot getting hotter like the sun in june.
too soon coming up. listen to the birds sing. chirping out my name cuz my fame is everlasting. here's a game if you wanna play. stick it to the limit take a chance to throw it all away.
a trade and a spade. a club and a heart. thinking bout the end when you're still at the start. take it all apart, put it back together. I'm heavier than most but i'm lighter than a feather.
check the weather check the time. it's a groove and a rhyme. walking straight on a line but it feels like a crime.
Yours, mine, it belongs to us. want it, got it, a need, a must.

Hold on if you can now be patient. Get back, get down. bounce, bounce, flow-tation
Hold on the train has now left the station. Get back, get down. bounce, bounce, flow-tation.

Listen to my flow. I'm the illest. Unbreakable, I die hard like bruce willis. can you tell what's in this? what I give to you. Can I get a witness? I'm doing it how I do.
Yes it's true and I can. I'm a simple man. Draw a line across the sand. Hear my master plan. My words are not a hoax. they're not a scam. I want green eggs and ham like my name is sam I am.
Gotta problem with the way I rap. There's nothing you can say that will hold me back. so eat crap.
there I said it. I'm only rapping cuz I want to and I hope I don't regret it.
Every day is another chance to grow. Making rhyme after rhyme. Perfecting my flow.
So if you hear me better listen. I make my words glisten, take it to the kitchen.


Hold me down. no you cant. hear the sound. rave and rant. in time.
on the line. pull on the cable. in the air. I feel a bit playful. on the ground, throw in the crap dice. in the water, a flow-tation device.
I know I can't sing so I roll and rock. I chose to be a rapper cuz I like to talk. Better than most. Who needs facts? try it if you can. hold me back.
I'll say it simple, short, and plain. Life is a joke and it's all a game. I said I'll say it again.
Life is a joke and it's all a game.