Hold Up ft. Waldo

from by Butterball

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DJ Waldo features on this track, in case you can't tell by reading the title of the song.


DJ Waldo:
Good morning everybody, it's a pleasure to meet you and you're welcome because it's a pleasure to meet us too.
I can't stay for long though, no, I've got a plane to fly and still I'm here for another hour and I need to kill that time.
Now, buckle your seat belts and get ready for a ride. No lie, you can't deny and you can't match this pilots stride. oh my,
get ready to blast off yaw, no, we're taking off. I tried to take a deep breath but I got a bad cough.
Sorry, and please excuse me I've been taking some medicine and it's starting to making me loopy.
Call me the red baron but I'm just a little goofy and if you're a little scared, don't worry because you should be.
We're the greatest rappers evers, in our home town
"WHAT" now on the by and by "SOUTH SIDE" you can catch us around.
Pound by pound you can't handle the sound that we're producing.
Get used to it and sip on some juices. Get used to it because we come in terrible twoses.

"HOLD UP" you know me man, I'm doing it well and I'm doing it right.
"HOLD UP" you asking me how i'm doing this every single night.
"HOLD UP" Hit me up dawg, oh wait, here comes my flight.
"HOLD UP" I must be transparent. I'm out of sight.

We're drastic, spastic. Got a question axe it. Plastic, antics, we're instantly a classic.
You know nobody sounds like us. Take my word, you're envious. Good until the last hit we're utterly fantastic.
Our heads are on the ceiling and our feet are on the roof. And our sound is that appealing and our words they burn like hundred proof.
The truth is hard to handle, like a vandal watch me paint the mix with lyrical style, free and wild. Sit on trial, just for kicks.
Hear what I want to say and watch me spray on the mic what I want to spit. Trip with the lip I'm tat for tit. Crank the volume up a bit.
Tit for tat is how it goes, know the facts and the case is closed.
Living and forgiving it's a given on the path I chose.
I froze, I pose, I'm fresh like brand new clothes. I'm slick as shit, and it shows, only the nose knows.
And it knows that we're the best. Listen close and I'll tell you what if you do not agree with me, this is our chance to show you up.



from The Rise of Lazy A, released November 2, 2015




Butterball Florida

Mc Butterball is some loser from DeFuniak Springs who got a wild hair up his ass one day in his early twenties and believed he could make a rap album.

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