Night to Dawn ft. Quiara

from by Butterball

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This is actually the first song that I recorded for this album and the first song I ever recorded that had my voice on it.


Some would say that it's a curse but first I'll call it a blessing. I it's right or wrong I got a song to answer every question. If it's petty if it's major if it's clouded in the past. Make a bet, I'll make a wager because the future is coming fast.
All our mothers. All our fathers. Breaking backs and making dollars. Is it worth it? Should we bother? If you hear me then just holler. Running short and getting taller. Flash some cash and pop your collar? If it's cold I'll make it hotter like some hot sauce on some collards.
I'm not known to take it farther than the woods within my reach. On the farm yard with some trees because they got plenty more to teach. I didn't grow up on the street. I grew up with my family though. I knew what was important and I learned to mind my own.
No successor to the throne. I'll blaze a path and find a seat. Even fire cannot burn me, I've been forged by Florida's heat. I may have an empty wallet but I'm caught up on the rent. And I know I'm dumb and ugly, yet I'm sexy and intelligent.
I won't relent in the words I spit. I won't shit where I tread. Words are floating in my head and if I want, they will be said. Always speak only the truth. Speak my mind, keep it together. Even if you are not listening my words will ring forever.
Keeping all my friends close by. Hold the haters at arms length. Staying true to my own vision. It's my mission. It's my strength. So,
If you want, have a taste. You'll lose your place in a losing race. I take the time to hone my writing. I'm sipping on wine not squishing grapes. Hear it?

From night to dawn. Is there more to it than this.
We're moving on and rolling with the punches.
Just let it go. Take time to ride the beat.
Because no one knows.

Up and down the town. Take a step and make a sound. If you want to skirt disaster hustle faster for the crown. My head is in the clouds and my hands are in the sky. If you want to be astounded I'll take you for a ride.
It's a drive if you strive. Shake my hand, give me no jive. Move the car from side to side. If you can, arrive alive.
Learning to connect the dots. Time to go and time to stop. Here I come ready or not. Bossin, flossin, hot to trot. Always today, hear the new wave bumping around the block. Silly word play is my forte. Trample sample flop.
An example, if you need one take a chance and hear me out. I didn't want to be a rerun so I took another route. I may not have the clout to make it big or make it far but I will enjoy the music because that's what I made it for.
I do not know the score because the points mean not a thing. In the words I find a meaning, gleaming from the joy they bring.
Bring the product of a dream. Moving through the night. We're letting loose some steam. Because it seems that if we animate, help out our fellow mate. One hand is reaching out to help you and the other is on my safe.
Being cautious is my choice and I know just how it looks. I'm not a coward, not a crook. I took the time to read my books. I only want what I can earn. Instead of money, earn respect. Because anything that's worth it will be paid by blood or sweat.



from The Rise of Lazy A, released November 2, 2015
Thank you to Quiara for singing the chorus for me.



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Butterball Florida

Mc Butterball is some loser from DeFuniak Springs who got a wild hair up his ass one day in his early twenties and believed he could make a rap album.

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