Stay in Motion ft. Quiara

from by Butterball

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Times change over and over. We're on top and still getting closer.
Slow down like tides of the ocean but don't stop. Life stays in Motion, now

Thinking about the past got me running in place. When the flag goes down it's time to race. Bow in grace it's my own revelation. Nose to the grindstone, no hesitation.
Feeling misplaced and I missed the call. I've seen a better place if I can recall. I got my back to the wall so I reminisce to the days when I thrived on faith and bliss.
I got tears in my eyes. Don't you laugh because life aint easy and that's a fact. The truth hits harder than a heart attack but the world keeps rolling like a cadillac.
There I sat, in the back of the class as I wait for the day to break free. It's never too late. From Walton High all the way to Maude Saunders. Life in school couldn't be any longer.
Thinking back now, it wasn't long enough. As it turns out, I only thought it was rough. No job to keep, no bills to pay. I didn't know it then but I really had it made.
Yo, those were the days and I really know it now. All I really had to do was to be the class clown. I used to frown when I did my homework but now it's 9 to 5 until my back hurts.
I can't go back those days are gone. The world still spins and everybody moves on.
Just to think that all along I didn't see the bigger picture. Never stop and let it getcha. Work is getting richer quicker. Here's a whisper.
Take it slow. There's no rush. Take the time to grow and keep your head up. Stop the commotion. You'll be fine if you stay in motion.


Back on the block. Put it in place. Reality is heavier than bass. Without a trace I'll leave this world even if I have all the diamonds and pearls.
Youth is a weapon running and stepping into sin. It's a temptation. The constellations are in the sky. See them at night. Think about them in the day. It's a gray, dark, cold, and hard life we live. Looking for the answers. Tell me, what gives.
It's a privilege if you're on this earth. It may not sound like much but for what it's worth, even if it hurts hold your head up strong. Everyone has somewhere they belong.
Choices are made. No going back. Live with the outcome because that is that. Let go of the past, it will hold you down. You got to move on, moving all around. It's a sound that I hear when I'm standing in here. I know that it get's scary, have no fear.
Fear is an illness eating away at your heart and courage. Edges will fray. Pray if it helps. Spend your time and your wealth on a well or a top shelf. Look at yourself.
You're better than you think. Can't you see? You've got control of your own destiny. You know the difference in right and wrong. If your life sucks then the fault is your own. Here's a tip.
Take it slow. There's no rush. Take the time to grow and keep your head up. Stop the commotion. You'll be fine if you just stay in motion.


Time's change over and over. I can't go back and I'm still growing older. The infinite wonder. The weight of my memories. Closer and closer, the life that is there for me.
Can I learn how to read between the lines. Listen close, I can see that life is like tides of the ocean. Life stays in motion now.


from The Rise of Lazy A, released November 2, 2015
Special thanks to Quiara, who clearly provided the voice for the chorus.



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Butterball Florida

Mc Butterball is some loser from DeFuniak Springs who got a wild hair up his ass one day in his early twenties and believed he could make a rap album.

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