Young Nights ft. Waldo

from by Butterball

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Waldo actually has equal credit for making this beat. So if it sucks you can blame both of us.


It's a rhythm it's a feeling. vibes that touch the ceiling. If you know the game then play it right it's time to start revealing why you
gotta love the night. why we're basking in the moon. why were feeling never better. the night is coming soon.
If you're ever looking up as the sun is going down don't get caught up in a rut because there's plenty to go around.
Moving with the sound I'm playing pound for pound. Searching and rehearsing. Funky, fiending lost and found it's a
blast, a clash. A feeling that never lasts. If you choose to disagree then shut your mouth. cut the sass.
being cynical is pitiful. you'll never see the beautiful. I take a break to educate. Never choose to play the fool.
another state, investigate. bite the hook and take the bait. I contemplate another fate worth the time and worth the wait.
Take a taste, it's all the rage. I close the book and turn the page. everyday I'm working again for minimum wage.
Take it back. never last. take a bath and the sink. Life on edge, on the brink. take a chance and start to think.
I'm living in the dark. Every moment it passes faster. turn around and hit the ground. I know I'm already plastered.
But does it matter? Moving faster like a master. right on time and left in tatters. hear the noise and cut the chatter.
because I know just how it feels to have some fun real late at night. Cause the party's never over until you see the morning light.

Young nights, every day. Don't let the morning break us.
Feels right, when I say throw back another shot.
Keep up and stand your ground. No sense in stopping now.
Young nights, every day. Because it's all we got.

Yo, the party never stops and i'll make your body rock. now hear my loudmouth style move the speakers out the box.
Hold up a second and repeat that again. I can't hear when I'm sipping on the tonic and gin. but,
it's not my fault that my hearing is selective. I like to keep my head clear, calm, and connected. but,
when we show up in the club the ladies show us love. I'm toying with the haters making the push come to shove. so,
I'm going out tonight and painting the whole town red. And we're not gonna stop until every party is dead.
because me and butterball have got the sickest of sounds. so, go ahead and start dancing when you hear the breakdown.

Here I am, back again. You know i'm funky as sin. How's the track so fat when I'm staying so thin?
1, 2, 3, 4, got the ladies on the floor shaking their ass. Leave the fellows begging for more.
It's only twelve o clock and the party's nowhere near over. Red light, green light. Red balloons and green clovers. I'm the
number one contender. No, i'm not a contender but I'll knock you out and leave you dead. left this beat up in your head like,
du du, du du, du, du du, du, du duuuuuuuu.



from The Rise of Lazy A, released November 2, 2015
DJ Waldo, MC Butterball.



all rights reserved


Butterball Florida

Mc Butterball is some loser from DeFuniak Springs who got a wild hair up his ass one day in his early twenties and believed he could make a rap album.

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