As the Day Goes By

from by Butterball

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Wait, no mistake. take a break. it's the final call.
Burned by the weight of they day. just forget it all.
Night falls, we raise the stakes. and yet we wonder why.
we're waiting for the chance to release as the day goes by.

The sky turns black and the moon comes up and yet the day has just begun. If you're feeling down then have a good time. Raise a glass in the air. push back the sun.
you know it's right and you know it's true. sun and stress how much can we take? running from the light doing what we do. I'm in distress so I start to shake.
It's time for the good. No time for the bad. no time to think. lose control. because I hear a voice telling me to unwind. raise my spirits. soothe my soul.
Thinking about the way I live. ALL NIGHT. Living life in the moment, feeling ALRIGHT.
there's no worries here for me. Take a quick look and you will see. part of this life is about not knowing. so, I keep flowing constantly.
Take a look. Hear a sound. If you feel the groove, then pass it around. Rhythm and bottom, you know we got em. on top of our head is a shiny crown.
We're bound to win and we just can't lose. moving to the beat. sipping on booze.
two brews. yes, pick and choose. raise the roof and your glasses too.
Me and you, we gotta keep it up. bartender please, gotta fill my cup. let it all out from deep within and god help us all when the night begins.


Elbows and knees they are shaking. drinking to leave our minds vacant. clueless about where we're going. showing no signs of slowing down.
round after round. shot tossed after shot. we got the remedy with the melody catching felonies with the hits.
This bliss drips with wishes. go to sleep with the fishes. now we're done like the dishes and this is how we will finish the race.
in case, we haven't torn down the place and left the pieces on the floor there shattered just like a vase.
you know it's hard to be angry when you're feeling so loose. the restraints of the day fall off along with the noose. tell me,
how does it feel to leave your worries behind?
SO GOOD, within your mind. SO RIGHT, and now you'll find out how to
banish your troubles. along with the stress. and if you take a tip from me then you will truly feel blessed.
to you I confess, along with the rest. invest with the fortune inside of yourself. there's more to life than money and wealth. drink from the shelf, start making the best of it.



from The Rise of Lazy A, released November 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Butterball Florida

Mc Butterball is some loser from DeFuniak Springs who got a wild hair up his ass one day in his early twenties and believed he could make a rap album.

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